Title: Twins
Pairing: YunJae
Length: 1/7
Genre: Romance; Drama; Smut
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I claim Min. You can keep the others.
Summary: Yes, they were twins. Fraternal twins, maybe, but twins, nonetheless. Just because they were born on the same day doesn't mean they were close. It was quite the contrary, actually. They were too different, with different values and thoughts towards everything. Jaejoong was smart, not afraid to speak his mind, but respectful if it came down to it. Yunho was rebellious, kept to himself, and resented anyone who dared talk down to him. And though Jaejoong avoided his younger brother like the plague, never speaking to him for fear that Yunho would hate him, he still managed to do something wrong.

What, you may ask, did he do? He was Jaejoong, plain and simple. So Yunho resented him. He hated his high grades. He hated his obnoxious friends. He hated his charming smile. He hated his caring demeanor.

Yunho hated him so much, in fact, that he couldn't let anyone else have him. Jaejoong, his twin brother, was his, dammit. His.

Title: Twins
Rating: NC17

Chapter One

The woman screamed, clutching her bedsheets in one hand and her husband's hand in the other. A nurse was holding her legs open.

“Push!” ordered the doctor, hands extended to catch whatever came out of the petite woman's body.

The hall rang with the noisy bangs and slams of the locker doors.

Jaejoong sighed, opening his own silently. He threw in his text book, leaning in to grab another.

“What class do you have next?” his friend asked from behind him.

“Government. Why?” the raven asked, fumbling with the zipper on his backpack. Classes were going by pretty slow today. Government was only his third class.

“Can you help me with my romance situation?” the short teen pleaded. “Please? I need a lot of help.”

Jaejoong gave him a look, crossing his arms. “Junsu, I don't mean to be mean, but she doesn't even know you exist. It would never work out between you. And she's a bitch, anyway.”

Junsu stared at him, mouth hanging agape. “...And you're trying not to be mean?”

The taller teen smiled at him sympathetically. “I'm sorry, but it's true.”

The locker behind him opened, and the air suddenly became toxic. The raven lowered his head, not turning to look at the tanned male that was rummaging through his things carelessly.

Junsu's eyes narrowed in confusion. “Hyung? Are you okay?” He then looked past his friend at the teen whom was now writing something in permanent marker on his hand. “Oh! Yunho-ssi!”

The tall boy turned to look at him curiously, stilling when he met eyes with Jaejoong. They both looked away. He raised an eyebrow at the shorter male. “What? And don't call me ssi.”

The dolphin boy fiddled nervously, biting his lip. “Um... Yunho... -hyung... I wanted to ask when the next soccer tryouts are?”

“Beats me,” Yunho murmured, shrugging. “I quit yesterday.”

The raven looked up at that, but Yunho didn't seem to notice.

Junsu pouted. “Dang, and I was hoping that I could be part of the team.”

“You quit?” Jaejoong asked before he could stop himself.

Both boys looked up at him. Yunho didn't say anything.

Junsu nodded, smiling a little at his friend. “He was great, wasn't he?”

Yunho scoffed, slamming his locker. He didn't even spare the raven a glance before striding away, slinging his bag over his shoulder lazily. Jaejoong dropped his gaze as the boy passed him. Seriously, why did he even try?

His friend stared up at him curiously, glancing between him and the retreating body. “Hey, do you know him?” he asked finally, scratching his head.

The raven ran his hand through his hair gloomily. “We're twins,” he told him offhandedly, taking a step toward his classroom.

Junsu sputtered, “Wait, what?”

But Jaejoong was gone, escaping into the Government classroom. He sighed, sliding into his desk. Stupid. It had been stupid to say anything to his brother.

Even though they were fraternal twins, they weren't close in the least. They were strangers living in the same house, never talking to each other, never acknowledging the other's existence. It wasn't that he didn't like his brother. He just didn't know how to approach him. Yunho was... difficult. And even though he should know him better than anyone, he was the last person anyone would ask about Jung Yunho.

They had different last names, so no one ever guessed that they were related in any way. In fact, it was often a shock that they knew each other at all. They were complete opposites. Yunho was rebellious and hard, uncaring about his grades or anyone besides himself. He never looked at him. Never was bothered by him. Never touched him.

Jaejoong groaned, leaning forward and burying his face in his arms. Maybe we are too different.


“Oh my god, there's another one coming!” yelled the new mother.

The doctor whipped around, handing the pale baby he was cleaning to the nurse before hurrying over to his patient.


How dare he. How dare he speak to him in school? Anywhere?

“Dude, are you okay?” panted another boy, jogging to catch up with his brisk step.

“Peachy,” the taller teen sneered sarcastically.

Yoochun narrowed his eyes. “If you're going to be bitchy, then—”

“No,” Yunho cut him off, coming to a stop in the middle of the hallway, much to his friend's relief. “I'm sorry, I'm just—really pissed off.”

“Oh,” the teen replied. “Anything I can help with? We can beat the shit out of someone.”

Yunho tried to picture it. Tried to picture punching his brother in the gut, watching him gasp for air, tears brimming his eyes, pleading him to stop. He scowled when his stomach lurched. Damn the stupid “intuition between twins” thing. It gave him a conscience. At least when it came to Jaejoong.

“No,” he sighed, “that won't work this time.”

He kicked open the door to the roof, throwing his bag down next to the pavement wall. Walking over to the ledge, he jumped onto the concrete railing, peering down at the racing streets below him, seven stories down.

Yoochun watched him out of the corner of his eye, pulling out a carton of cigarettes and lighting one. “You want one?” he asked, more out of common courtesy than out of an actual offer. Yunho didn't respond, and he shrugged, slipping them into his back pocket.

He approached his friend carefully, turning to lean his back against the railing right next to where the older male was standing, still staring down. To tell the truth, he cared about Yunho. Only, it was a little difficult to say that when you were famous for being one of the hard, doesn't-take-shit-from-no-one kids.

He exhaled, smoke evading his nostrils. “You going to jump?”

Yunho finally looked at him, smirking. “As if you'd be able to survive without me.” Plus, it would hurt Jaejoong.

He scowled. This was nothing knew. His thoughts always lead back to his brother. His perfect brother. He knew that the shorter boy always thought of him in return. They were twins. It came with the territory.

Yes. Twins. Twins were meant to be close. Never leave each other's side. Two souls connected until the day they died. Together. That's how it was supposed to go.

But not them. They hated each other. At least, Yunho hated Jaejoong. Why? Who knows. The raven was fucking perfect, maybe that's why. His grades were perfect. His friendships were perfect. His attitude was perfect. His looks were perfect.

How the hell was he supposed to compare to that? It wasn't Jaejoong's fault, he knew that. He was just born that way. But Yunho was with him, then. Why couldn't he be the same? Why did they have to be different?

Maybe that was why he hated his brother. Because no one else ever would.


Jaejoong was taking a test over the last chapter in their text book. He leaned over it, marking the answers he thought were correct. To tell the truth, he hadn't actually read the chapter. His favorite show had been on.

Unexpectedly, he doubled over, slamming his forehead on the desk. The crack it made had everyone looking up. A few students rose, touching his shoulder gently.

“No,” he told them, smiling weakly. “I'm fi—” he was interrupted when violent coughs started to wrack his body. Now the students moved away from him, covering their mouths. The raven shielded his own with his elbow, struggling to stand up. His eyes were watering, making it difficult to see.

Yunho, what the hell are you doing?
He thought.

He almost walked into the teacher's desk, but a gentle hand pulled him away, leading him out of the room.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked between his coughs. The tall student looked over his shoulder worriedly. “Building A. Nurse's Office.”

They left the building (Building C, to be specific), hurrying down the walkway. A pair of eyes watched them from the rooftop.

Yunho looked from his coughing twin to the cigarette in his hand. “Oops,” he muttered, dropping it to the ground and crushing it beneath his shoe. He leaned forward, resting his forearms on the railing, watching the two teens.

Jaejoong stopped walking when the coughing stopped, lowering his arm. He looked a little confused, but relieved nevertheless. The tall kid turned, looking him over. He looked worried. The raven was flashing his perfect smile, waving his hands to say that he was fine. But the student leaned forward, examining him more closely.

Yunho's eyes widened as his own face warmed up. He touched a finger to his left cheek. Jaejoong, why are you blushing?

The taller teen was now checking the raven's heartbeat with a hand, and Yunho found himself growling as he felt his brother's heart quicken pace. He laid a hand over his chest, and he could feel the throbbing.

“Are you okay?” Yoochun asked him, eyes worried.

Yunho didn't respond, not hearing him. Only one thing processed in his mind: This guy was touching Jaejoong. And Jaejoong liked it.

(A/N: Um... if no one understood... everything that happened to Jaejoong's body was happening to Yunho's... You know... twins thing?)


Yunho flopped onto his back, the sheets tangled around his limbs. He glared at the white ceiling for making him toss and turn all night, though he knew damn well that it wasn't the wall's fault. He was exhausted, yet sleep never seemed to come.

Groaning, he kicked the sheets aside, rolling out of his usually comfortable bed angrily. He stalked down the silent hallway, faintly noting the sounds of a thunderstorm raging outside. He then shamelessly barged through the door at the end of the hall, not bothering to knock.

Jaejoong jumped, staring up at his brother. “Y-Yunho?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” the standing male yelled, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes at the raven who sat, wrapped in his comforter.

The question only seemed to confuse the annoyingly innocent teen. “I—What?”

“Stop stuttering,” Yunho ordered through clenched teeth.

Now it was Jaejoong who scowled in annoyance. “Yunho, go to your room and go to sleep.”

“Are you trying to order me around, brother?” the younger twin asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow. “Besides, I can't sleep if you can't. We're twins, remember? Now, whatever the hell it is, get over it or I'll make you.”

When Jaejoong only stared at him, pain shining in his big eyes, Yunho looked away. Then thunder sounded, shaking the entire house. The older twin screamed, diving beneath his many blankets.

Yunho stared at him in realization. “...You have to be fucking kidding me.”

“Leave me alone,” replied his brother, his voice muffled slightly.

“The reason I can't sleep is because you're afraid of the thunder?” his brother continued, shaking his head. He stepped up to the foot of Jaejoong's bed, looming over him. “You are such a pus—”

“Please don't call me that,” his twin whispered, not looking at him. “I hate it when people call me that.”

Yunho looked at him, and for a brief moment, actually felt obligated to comfort him. But that's all it was, and he shook it off.

The house shook a second time, and this time Jae grabbed him, wrapping his arms around his waist and stuffing his face into his abdomen. Yunho froze, arms raised. His breath caught in his throat.

“U-Uh...” he stuttered.

“Sleep with me,” his brother whimpered.

“What?” Yunho asked, eyes wide.

“Not that way, you pervert,” Jaejoong muttered, smiling faintly. “Just stay with me tonight. I'll be able to sleep better, and that means you can sleep, too.”

His brother stared at him for a moment. Then he almost laughed at him. “No. No way in hell.”


“No. Why don't you sleep with Mom and Dad?”

“Because I don't feel this relaxed with them,” Jae explained, arms still clutching his twin.

Even though the standing male hated to admit it, he felt better now than he could ever remember. He had noticed over the years that the farther away he was from the raven, the worse he felt over all. Back then, he had simply ignored it, fueled by his hatred.

But now, he couldn't deny the fact that his body was responding to their close proximity. Was this how all twins felt?

If he were anywhere else, he would have slapped himself for even considering staying in his brother's room, but it seemed his twin had decided for him as another bolt of lightning lit up the night sky, roaring a greeting to the sleeping world. He was yanked onto the bed, falling on top of his twin.

“Jaejoong! What the hell are you—?” he sputtered as he was flipped onto his back, a tangle of limbs and a knee brushing against his crotch. He looked down, ready to reword the question a little more colorfully, when he felt the raven squeeze him tightly, almost too tight, hiding his face in Yunho's muscular chest.

The younger twin watched the smaller teen. His shoulders relaxed, his quickly beating heart slowing to a steady pace. Soon, he was asleep.

It felt like... how it should have been. How twins should be. The thought scared him.

Yunho reached down hesitantly, carefully grazing his fingertips over the stray strands of hair sticking out of the raven head. When he realized what he was doing, he retracted his hand, disgusted by his movements. Jaejoong was nothing to him. And it would stay that way. The image of that taller boy touching Jaejoong came to mind, and he growled.

I hate you, Jaejoong,
he thought as he observed his twin's sleeping face. I hate you so fucking much.


When morning came, Jaejoong awoke feeling great. He opened his eyes with a smile, squinting at the sunlight pouring from his window. Sighing contently, he snuggled closer into his pillow.

It grunted in response, murmuring groggily, “That hurts...”

Surprised, he looked up just as Yunho opened his eyes. They met gazes.

“Shit,” they hissed in unison, scrambling to get away from each other.

When Jaejoong was on his own side of the room, he turned to his bother. “Yunho, what are you doing in my room?”

The teen rolled his eyes, not looking at him. He ignored him, simply walking out of the room. The raven was left to stare after him. Just like so many times before.

Memories of the previous night flooded back to mind, and the boy fell into a crouch, hands on his mouth. Yunho had talked to him. Yunho had looked at him.

He rose to his feet slowly, stepping towards his dresser thoughtfully. Why all of a sudden? Why now? For as long as he could remember, Yunho never gave him the light of day. He never could understand why, though. Had he done something? He couldn't remember if he had.

But Yunho had looked at him. That was so small, something most people took for granted, but Yunho's focus had been on him. He was important for a few minutes of Yunho's life.

He left his room, clothing in his arms as he headed for the bathroom. He passed by his mother. She smiled at him when they met eyes, but she did a double take this time.

She stopped him. He looked up at her.


Her eyes were careful, studying his face. “Why are you grinning so goofily this early in the morning?”

“Huh?” he asked, hand covering his mouth.

“Always so modest,” she laughed. “Did you have a dream about a pretty girl?”

“Huh?” he repeated. Pretty girl? What was she talking about?

“You look like your crush just smiled at you,” his mother continued. “So cute!”

Jaejoong's body ran cold. He sprinted the rest of the way to the bathroom. He checked the mirror. Yes. He was grinning like a lovesick idiot. What the hell?


At breakfast, something was different. Jaejoong couldn't quite place what it was, but something had changed. Yunho still ignored him. He still didn't look at him. He still didn't talk to him.

Maybe it was how Yunho waited for him to pass over the milk. Or the way that he touched Yunho when he tripped over himself in the hallway to regain his balance, and Yunho let him touch him. Or was it that he just noticed these things more than he had before because he was hoping for a little more?

But what did he expect? Yunho was Yunho, and he was Jaejoong, and they were never going to be those twin brothers who understood each other better than themselves.

But that's where Jaejoong was wrong. Yunho saw it. It haunted him each and every day of his being, so, yeah, he should know. His world revolved around Jaejoong's, and Jaejoong's revolved around his. No matter how much hatred he had, the simple fact was that they were twins. And this was their reality.

The night they had spent together was not the beginning of their brotherhood. That need to be together, to be near the other, had been there since birth. No. That night was the beginning of their decent into an inescapable hell. But, of course, neither of them knew that, yet.

A/N: This was meant to be a one shot, but so far I've finished the first part and guess how long it is. No, guess. ... Fine, I'll tell you. 46 FUCKING PAGES!! Geez, I think that's a little long for a one shot. Can someone make me a banner for this fic? I could make one myself, but... I'm lazy. And I don't have a paid acount, so I can't get large pictures on here without them being all blurry *pouts* And just so you know, this story gets intense.
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